About Us



  1. Name


The name of the organisation shall be “Golapganj Helping Hands (UK)” (hereinafter referred to as “Association”).


  1. Objects


The Objects of the association are to promote the following charitable purposes for the benefit of the public and in particular for the benefit of the inhabitants of Golapganj Upazila and for the benefit of those members of Bangladeshi community in the UK who are of Golapganj origin or descent:


  • The prevention or the relief of poverty or financial hardship of individuals who are in conditions of poverty, sickness and distress in such ways as the Association through its Executive Committee may from time to time decide which may include the provision of grants or loans and other kinds of assistance in the provision of education, training, housing, healthcare and including the provision of advice and information designed to enable individuals to find employment or to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient;


  • The advancement of Bengali arts, culture and heritage in the UK by providing or assisting in the provision of instruction and the opportunity for young people of Bangladeshi origin or descent to converse in Bengali language, including providing for observance of Bengali customs, festivals and ceremonies for public benefit;


  • The provision or assistance in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances with the object of improving their conditions of life; and


  • Furtherance of such other charitable purposes as the Association through its Executive Committee may from time to time decide.



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